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Following are the Guidelines for Road Users

Road Traffic Accidents, Causes and Preventions


Types of Road Accidents:

      Longitudinal –Collision Accidents
      Transversal -Collision Accidents
      Skid-on-Road Accidents

Causes of Road Traffic Accidents:

      Error of Driver.
      Surrogate driving.
      Absence of traffic control devices.
      Absence of traffic police personal for regulation of traffic on important & crucial junctions.

      Absence of parapet walls, crash barriers, road signs etc.
      Poor road engineering and Bad road conditions.

Prevention of Road Traffic Accidents:

      Ban on use of Mobile phones while driving a vehicle.
      Use of seat belts & protective headgears (Helmets).
      Establishment of authorized service stations in rural/hilly areas.
      Regulation of services on effective time table to avoid missing of services.
      Checking of over-loading/over-speeding and other violations and strict enforcement of traffic laws.
      Organizing of Road safety programmes by involving District Administration, Educational Institutions,      

       NGOs, Transport association and Drivers etc.
      Entrusting of Investigation & Prosecution of road accidents by Traffic Police and strict action against

       delinquent responsible traffic personal

Road Traffic Accident Management:

      Establishment of Trauma units.
      Establishment of call help centre.
      Establishment of Quick Rescue Teams (QRTs).
      Creation of Passenger Welfare Fund/Corpus Fund.
      Constitution of Road Safety Counsils.

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