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About Permits in J&K
Any person can Claim for authorization of permit provided he fulfills the following conditions:-
  • Permit To submit the application, along with the requisite fee.
  • Permit To submit residential proof.
  • Permit To submit the state subject.
  • Permit To submit the affidavit indicating the papers furnished are true and correct.
Type of Permits
  • Permit Stage Carriage permits
  • Permit Contract Carriage permit
  • Permit Goods Carriage permits
Stage Carriage Permits
The following conditions are to be fill field to have a stage carriage permit.
  • Permit To specify the route/routs, area or areas to which applicant wants to play the Vehicle.
  • Permit The type of Vehicle & seating capacity.
  • Permit The minimum and maximum no of daily trips proposed to be provided.
  • Permit Providing of normal service as per time table.
  • Permit No of Vehicles intends to kept as reserve to maintain the service and providing of service for special occasions.
Contract Carriage Permit
  • Permit The type and seating capacity of the vehicle.
  • Permit The area for which permit is required.
  • Permit That in case of Motor cab Taxi meters should be fitted & maintained in proper working orders.
Type of Permits in Contract carriage
  • Permit District permit.
  • Permit State permit.
  • Permit All India permit.
Goods Carriage Permits

This permit can be granted in favour of trucks and mini load Carries and is valid in the State, the trucks /mini load carries more than laden weight of 3000 kgs can be provided with the goods permit.

Govt of India
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