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Functions of Driving Schools

The main function of the Driving School is to impart training and instructions in Driving of Motor Vehicle and matters connected there with. Any person or establishment can be granted the driving School License provided the following conditions.

  1. He must possess one or more Motor Vehicles fitted with duel Control system required for imparting such training.
  2. He must specify the syllabus and duration of course or courses for imparting instructions in driving of any Motor Vehicle.
  3. He must have suitable land and building at which such Schools may be established.
  4. He must possess facility of class room /demonstration room etc.
  5. He must possess prescribed education as well as professional qualification including experience in the feild of driving.
  6. He has to maintain particulars of all such persons to whom he imparts training and issue Certificates.
  7. He must also have good financial stability.
Driving Schools (Jammu Division)
  1. Emmission of Smoke, Vapours from Motor Vehicles
  2. Rule 115 of Central Motor Vehicle rules govern every Motor vehicle other than Motor cycles of engine capacity not exceeding 70 cc, manufactured prior in the 1st day of March 1990 shall be maintained in such condition at shall be so driven so as to comply with the standards prescribed in the Motor vehicle rules 1989. Accordingly this department has authorized for establishing pollution checking centres in the state indicated as below
Jammu Region No of Centres Kashmir Region No of Centres
Jammu 37 Srinagar 19
Kathua 03 Baramulla 03
Udhampur 02 Pulwama 02
Driving Schools (Jammu Division

Driving Schools of Jammu Division

S.No. Name of the Driving Institution. Address
1 M/S Institute of Driving &Maintenance Basant Nagar Gharota Road, near SBI Janipur Colony.
2 M/S National Institute of Driving & Maintenance Narwal Balla Bye pass, Jammu
3 M/s Indian Institute of Driving & Maintenance Transport Nagar Jammu.
4 M/S Royal Institute of Driving & Maintenance 230-A Shastri Nagar, Jammu
5 Awa Driving School Ashok Nagar, Jammu.
6 J&K SRTC Driving School Railway road near yatri Bhawan, Jammu.
7 Dream Driving School New Plot, Jammu.
8 Regal Institute of Driving R.K. Auto Garage Sectt. Road, Jammu.
9 Jib Driving Institute RK Auto Garage Sectt.Road, Jammu.
10 JK Driving Institute 342 –Bakshinagar, Jammu.
11 Perfect Driving Institute. 84-A/D Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
12 JK Driving Institute Shive Nagar Udhampur.
13 Career Institute of Driving Panjgram Nagrota, Jammu.
14 Hill Top Driving Institute 389/2 Roop Nagar, Jammu.
15 Nirmal Driving & Maintenance Instt. Roop Nagar, Jammu.
16 Udhampur Driving Institute Adarsh Colong Ward No.2 Opp.Gujjar Hostel Udhampur.
17 Highway Institute of Driving & Maintenance F-1775, Shastri Nagar Opp. Dudha Dhari Mandir, Jammu.
18 International of Driving & Maintenance Auquf Complex Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
19 Shiv Trishla Driving Institute Roop Nagar Check Changrawan, Jammu.
20 Shivam Instt. Of Driving & Maintenance Channi Himmat, Jammu.
21 Royal Instt of Driving & Maintenance Main Chowk Talab Tillo Jammu.
22 Gurunanak Driving Instt. Vill Udhewala , Jammu.
23 Royal Instt of Driving Basant Nagar Main Road Janipur.
24 Egg Driving Instt. BC Road Opposite Shankutla theatre.
25 Nisha Govind Driving Instt. Roop Nagar, Jammu.
26 Velocity Driving Instt. 1775 – E Shastri Nagar Jammu.
27 Shri Anand Instt. Of Driving & Maintenance Sunderbani.
28 New Era Driving Institute Rajouri
29 Mehar Institute of Driving Bakshi Nagar, Jammu.
30 Talwar Driving Instt. Gahri Udhampur.
31 Satyam Driving Institute. Channi Himmat, Jammu.
32 A TO Z Driving Instt. Seri Bazar Bhaderwah Doda.
33 Chiterangi Driving Instt. Lower Roop Nagar, Jammu.
34 Popular Driving Instt. 342 –Bakshi Nagar, Jammu.
35 Tiger Driving Instt. 626 /EME Bn Satwari, Jammu.
36 AAR Kay Driving Instt. Jeevan Nagar, Jammu.
37 Jamkash Vehicleades (P) Ltd. Trikuta Nagar, Jammu.
38 Popular Driving Instt. Near Industrial area Akhnoor.
39 Kishtwar Driving School Bhawani Mohalla Kishtwar.
40 New Highway Institute of Driving & Maintenance Gandhi Nagar, Jammu.
41 Jai Guru Dev Perfect Driving & Maintenance School. R.S Pora, Jammu.
42 Surya Driving School Patli Morh. Jammu.
43 Fly Wing Driving School. Vir Marg, Jammu.
44 Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Driving Instt. Panltal Road, near perrol pamp Katra.
45 Max Driving & Maintenance School. Talab Tillo, Jammu.
46 Bimla Driving Institute. Manda Akhnoor.

Driving Schools (Kashmir Division)
S.No. Name of Driving Institution Address Date of issuance of license Valid up to
1 Khan Institution of Driving. Zero Bridge Raj Bagh, Srinagar. 10-10-1994 18-11-2009
2 Bismllah Institution of Driving. -do- 18-06-1996 17-06-2006
3 ABC Driving Institution Bagat Barzallah, Srinagar. 25-02-1997 17-04-2012
4 Phelaza Instt. Of Driving. Sopore Kashmir 06-06-1997 05-06-2002
5 Ladakh Driving Instt. Chauspa Leh 31-07-1997 30-07-2012
6 Hiyat Driving Instt. Raj Bagh Srinagar. 24-01-1997 22-11-2007
7 Savvy Driving Instt. Kargil Ladakh. 11-07-1998 10-07-2003
8 Toor Driving Institution Old Barzulla Srinagar. 22-08-1998 21-08-2003
9 Saahil Institute of Driving Karan Nagar, Srinagar. 26-12-1998 11-01-2009
10 Commercial Institute of Driving Sopore, Kashmir. 26-12-98 25-12-2003
11 Heewan Driving Instt. Waniyar Sefakadal, Srinagar. 14-06-99 13-06-2004
12 JK SRTC Driving Instt. Pampore, Srinagar. 14-07-99 13-07-2004
13 Gousia Driving Instt. Soura Srinagar. 29-07-2000 28-07-2010
14 Saba Driving Instt. Naraspora Budgam. 09-12-2000 08-12-2005
15 Rose Pamber Driving Istt. Karan Nagar, Srinagar. 14-12-2000 13-12-2005
16 Sunshine Driving Instt. Hyderpora, Srinagar. 31-03-2006 30-03-2011
17 National Driving Instt. Rajbagh, Srinagar. 19-03-2001 08-12-2011
18 Mars Driving Instt. Ragbagh, Srinagar. 16-05-2001 31-12-2011
19 Fairdeal Driving Instt. Anantnag, Kashmir. 14-06-2001 15-11-2011
20 Bali Instt. Wazir Bagh, Srinagar. 24-07-2001 27-11-2011
21 A.M. Driving Instt. Batmalloo, Srinagar. 29—9-2001 28-09-2006
22 Engineers Instt. Of Driving. K.P.Road, Anantnag. 29-03-2002 28-03-2007
23 Wani Driving Instt. Hazratbal Srinagar. 02-03-2005 01-03-2010
24 Mir Driving Instt. Hajzada Handwara. 01-03-2007 28-02-2012
25 Public Driving Instt. Hkawjabagh, Baramulla. 20-07-2007 19-07-2012
26 Khaliq Driving Instt. Buelipora Srinagar 04-08-2007 03-08-2012