GOVERNMENT OF JAMMU AND KASHMIR    |    Motor Vehicle Department

Function of MVD

Functions of Motor Vehicles Department

The department is charged with the responsibility of administering of Motor Vehicles Act through regulatory and enforcement mechanism. Motor Vehicles Department deals with the following main subject:

  1. Collection of token tax & fees
  2. To act as State Transport Authority
  3. Grant of registration
  4. Grant/renewal of permits and registration certificates
  5. Issue/renewal of driving licenses
  6. Fixation of fare and freight
  7. Registration of Pollution Checking Centers
  8. Issue/renewal of fitness certificates in respect of commercial/non-commercial vehicles.
  9. Grant of conductors license
Functions of Transport Commissioner
  1. To implement and administer the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act
  2. To act as State Transport Authority to coordinate and regulate the activities of the Regional Transport Authorities.
  3. To monitor and regulate all the activities of transport services, registration of vehicles, issuance of Driving Licenses,Permits of different types, Registration of Motor and Goods Transport Companies etc.
  4. To act as an agency for collection of transport taxes like road tax, licenses permit fees and fines etc.
  5. Coordinate Road Safety Measures
  6. Fixation of fare and freight
  7. Introduction of New Type of Vehicles in the Transport System of J&K State
Functions of Transport Commissioner
  1. There are three Regional Transport Officers in the state, one each at Jammu, Srinagar and Kathua
  2. To act as controlling officers over the ARTOs of the region
  3. To monitor and exercise control over the transport services in their respective jurisdiction.
  4. To act as member secretary to the Regional Transport Authorities o Jammu, Srinagar & Kathua for regulating transport by issuance of permits
  5. To act as Registration Authority for registration of vehicles.
  6. To act as Licensing Authorities for issuance of Driving Licences.
  7. To Act as Licensing Authorities for issuance of Licence to Driving Schools
  8. To act as Registering Authority for grant of Trade Certificates to Motor Vehicles dealers
  9. To conduct survey of new routes and fix time table and trips for different passenger services in the region
  10. To conduct surprise inspections to check violations of Motor Vehicle Act
  11. To collect token tax (Road Tax) and various fees prescribed in the Act and Rules