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    01. Change of Address in Registration Certificate 01. Change Of Address In Learner License
    02. Transfer of Ownership 02. Change of Address In Driving License
    03. Hypothecation Addition 03. Change of Address In Conductor License
    04. Hypothecation Termination 04. Change of Name In Learner License
    05. Hypothecation Continuation 05. Change of Name In Driving License
    06. Issue of Duplicate RC 06. Change of Name In Conductor License
    07. Renewal of Permit 07. Change of Biometrics In Learner License
    08. Fresh Permit 08. Change of Biometrics In Driving License
    09. Transfer of Permit 09. Change of Biometrics In Conductor License
    10. Surrender of Permit 10. DL Extract
    11. Renewal of Trade Certificate 11. Endorsement To Drive Hazardous Material
    12. Issue of Trade Certificate 12. Endorsement To Drive In Hill Region
    13. Duplicate Fitness Certificate 13. Issue of Learner License
    14. Temporary Permit 14. Issue of Driving License
    15. Duplicate Permit 15. Issue of Conductor License
    16. Fancy number Booking 16. Issue of Duplicate Learner License
    17. Choice number Booking 17. Issue of Duplicate Driving License
    18. Renewal of Fitness Certificate 18. Issue of Duplicate Conductor License
    19. Issuance of All India Tourist Permit (AITP) 19. Renewal of Learner License
    20. Issuance of National Permit 20. Renewal of Driving License
    21. Alteration of Vehicle 21. Renewal of Conductor License
    22. Updation of Mobile Number 22. Replacement Of DL
    23. Counter Signature on Permit 23. Surrender of Covs In DL
    24. Issuance of Pollution Under Control Certificate for Vehicles 24. DL For Defense DL Holder
    25. Payment of Passenger Tax 25. Updation of Mobile Number
    26. Payment of eChallan 26. Issue International Driving Permit
    27. RC Particulars 27. Issuance of Learner License for Adaptive Vehicle

  1. Temporary Permit/Special Permit for Passenger Vehicle(Contract carriage).
  2. All J&K Contract Carriage Permits after one month of application date.
  3. Issue of Leaner License through e-kyc only.
  4. Renewal of Learner License through e-kyc only.
  5. Renewal of DL after Scrutiny through e-kyc only.
  6. DL Extract through e-kyc only.